Now, I Have to Really Honestly Thank You..

Now, I have to really honestly THANK YOU, for yesterdays class. It’s not just my shoulder that you helped, you may have saved my husband. Here’s a little “readers digest” back story……My husband and I have been best friends since I was 15, and he was 16. We have been married for 13 years now, have 2 incredible daughters and have been best friends for 18 years. When he was 20, he was in a horrific car accident. Just a 1 car accident, college kids out drinking and driving. The driver of the car and my husband were the only survivors. 3 other kids were killed in the accident. Shawn, my husband broke all of his ribs, and shattered T10, 11, 12, and L 1 in his back, and almost completely severed off his right ear. The doctors took part of his left hip bone to make new vertebra for him, and put full Harrington Rods in his back to stabilize it. After 2 months in the hospital recovering he was discharged. A year after his accident the Harrington Rods had to be removed. He walks and does everything for the most part normal. Over the years we have been to therapy for depression and “survivors guilt.”
This current summer, his depression and pain seems to be to much for him. He started to hate his wonderful job, his drinking has come to an all time high…… much so that I am planning on attending Al-anon. He has become withdrawn and has been pushing the kids and I out of his life.
Before the conference I was sure that it was the drinking that was the cause of our misery. When I sat and listened to you talk yesterday morning about how the body deals with pain and trauma, it was almost too much to bear! I told “Mama Kelly” that I wasn’t sure I could stay at the conference anymore and hear all of this. EVERYTHING that you said was my husband!!! It was like the light switch went on for me. I knew in my heart that I was at the right place at the right time.
I got home last night and shared with my husband everything that I had learned! I talked for 2 hours about it! I had hope for him. He sat quietly and listened to me……we hadn’t spoken for 2 days prior to this……..after I was done rambling on and on, he calmly asked me when I can start working on him! Ken, you have no idea what that meant!!!! I DONT work on my husband, he says the touch is too painful during a regular massage for him! He wants me to work on him tonight when he gets home from work.
Ken, you have brought us hope. I have vowed to myself to learn everything I can about CST, and I am so glad that I bought your mediation CD, and your Level 1 material yesterday. My daughters and I are going to listen to the meditation CD’s together this morning, and they are going to become a necessary part of my daily routine.
Thank you Ken, for doing all that you do. You were truly a blessing for me and my family.

Suzanne R.

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