What a Complete Honor to Have Experienced and Learn of This Healing Technique..

Thank you again for the opportunity to learn of the ultimate gift. The unconditional love that you’ve given to me is unwordable in my vocabulary. I don’t know how to fully express into words what release were coming from my groans, my motions and my mind inside the private capsule I call my body.

Last night and this morning were restless. I feel as if there is something for me to continue to let go. Following work today I went into silence for 2 hours. It was almost as if the work was still continuing and begging for attention. As I sat at my meditation bench – I traveled beyond zone four and experienced doors and holes and water drips in indescribable patterns of colors, with waves and streams of energy that put me into positions of release. Forces of drags and pulls into light and darkness with deep feelings with tears of sadness and coughing up of discomfort. I remember feeling this way for days following our last session too.

What a complete honor to have experienced and learn of this healing technique. I feel more free from the constriction and irritation. I feel as if I have expanded out 10 feet and feel light with joy given to all in my path. Now that is ahh-some.

Forever grateful, Natalie

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