I Am Excited to Apply and Share the New Knowledge..

Dear Ken,

I returned from Bloomington, I am excited to apply and share the new knowledge. When I learned that the workshop was being held in St. Paul, MN in June my massage trade partner and I registered for the session. I look forward to refreshing the knowledge that can’t be gained from a video. With someone to share the work, we will both benefit from the instruction. You will appreciate one gentleman who came in complaining of shoulder pain and wanted deep tissue work. I explained that deep tissue work was a like introducing yourself by slapping the person. He allowed me to do what I thought would work best. This construction worker has become a regular client after leaving the first session amazed at how good he felt. I have been trying to apply the 9 Step Protocol to some of the QL/glute work I see. It has not been as successful as working with the clavicle, scalenes, SCM and traps. Perhaps you can give me some hints.

It is exciting to have you return to the area and I feel blessed that I can share the experience with a friend. Thank you for providing the workshops and DVDS. These is such great stuff. The image of the embryo honoring the heart is shared with my meditation group. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.


Linda Maher