CST BioDynamics 3: Implantation, Ignition, Metabolic and Morphologic Fields and the Bilaminar Embryo


Biodynamic CST Module 3 is an in depth, thirty hour, experiential course that advocates a therapeutic, holistic approach supporting synchrony to the original essential state of being. Through lecture, mindfulness preparation, demonstration, table work, and BioAquatic practical application of biodynamic therapy this class will explore the embryological foundations for the beginning of the second week of development. This course deepens our exploration of embryonic development during implantation as the integrated relationship to the mother is achieved. Students will continue to expand perceptual abilities from self to other to the infinite. Highlights of module 3 include fulcrums, core stillness, the therapeutic nature of primary respiration, implantation as a fulcrum for growth, the bilaminar embryo, ignition of metabolic and morphologic fields, and horizontal midline. In depth listening skills give rise to knowledge of these early embryo patterns that give rise to structure and subsequent early functions that serve as templates or rehearsals for later activities.


1. Practice mindful attention to self, another and creator
2. Discover therapeutic relevance of primary respiration in treatment session
3. Identify fulcrums and experience the fulcrum of core stillness
4. Understand the underlying stillness giving rise to all activity
5. Identify implantation as a fulcrum for organizing growth
6. Define and experience the bilaminar embryo
7. Define the therapeutic process of ignition
8. Define early metabolic fields
9. Define morphological fields
10. Practice therapeutic awareness of metabolic and morphological fields
11. Develop therapeutic relationship, connection to safe other
12. Understand and practice horizontal midline restoration


Course manual is included with tuition. Because this course is “retreat style,” students will be staying at the Inn on the Beach (see location tab) and are responsible for securing their own accommodations. Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day. Please bring sunscreen, water shoes, bathing suits and sunglasses. 

Location & Times

All biodynamic courses are located at Inn On the Beach unless otherwise stated.
1401 Gulf Way
St. Petersburg Beach, Florida 33706

Days 1-4 will meet from 9a-5p with a 90 min. lunch
Day 5 will meet from 9a-3p with a 60 min. lunch

Tuition & Cancellation

It is recommended that students commit to all ten modules in order to fully master techniques and concepts; however, students may attend as many or as few modules as they like. Individual modules are $995.00 each. Students registering for all ten modules will receive a 10% discount. All 10 modules purchased together are $8950.00 This amount can either be paid one time in full, or with a deposit of $4475 with the remaining $4475 balance due 30 days prior to the first day of Module 5.

As stated in the materials tab, class materials, breakfast and lunch are included in tuition. Accommodations are not included.

If a student wishes to cancel registration, he or she must do so within…

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