CST Level 4 Beyond Biomechanics in Pass-a-Grille, Florida

CST Level 4 is, in some ways, hard to define. Each class takes on a life of its own, endeavoring to meet the needs of all that attend. 14 students ranging from MD, RN, LMT, OT and supportive non licensed people attended. It truly amazes me in what can occur when people come together and integrate as a group. There were tears to be sure and physical processing as well, as human beings joined together in the learning and healing process.

I would have to say that the underlying theme of this class was to find the inner stillness along the vertical and horizontal midlines within all the chaos of life experience. We did most of our work in choppy waters, engulfed at times in rather large waves crashing over our heads. If life seems like that sometimes, I agree. As it turns out, if we can hold ourselves on our own center or connect to a safe other that can assist us, we can “weather the stormy seas”.

This class is about connection and letting the self be truly seen. I encourage every one of you to consider coming to the next class in Pass-a- Grille, FL!!! But don’t just listen to me… listen to your peers…..

Level 4 was truly an exceptional learning experience for me.   To be able to personally experience and see first hand how this therapy can heal the body (and mind) was amazing.

Our class felt like an extended family…there to support, share and provide comfort in this learning experience.  Learning about primary respiration and how to connect with it was fascinating and so helpful.

I also feel particularly grateful to be under the guidance of Ken’s pioneering knowledge of Craniosacral therapy.

Looking forward to adding this to my practice and attending Level 5 next year! – Pam Phillips

The class was different than any other body work class i have participated in.  The water experience caused me to trust my group, go with “flow” and recognize the different sensations the waves provoked. Thank you for your great attentiveness and consideration – Bernie Binns

Miss you all! Didn’t get a chance to express my last experiences but they were Good! I released a lot and feeling good! Thank you so much!

Please keep in touch and hope to see you all soon! Love! – Kelly Mallory

Miss everyone too!   Took this picture on my last visit to the beach before leaving for home…..a beautiful ending to an AMAZING class!  Hope to see everyone again. Hugs to all, – Pam Phillips

rainbow at beach

Felt like I was scooped up by a blue shark and taken form my pod!! Had a little tear in my eye Lol!!
fanatasic experiences and releases over the 4 days.  Thank you all for the help in grounding me in America ( only took 8 years!!) and for the love and support.  Still feel like I’m riding the waves and I’m still living in primary respiration!! YAY ya 🙂 – Karyn Chapman


What a delightful, horizon-broadening, sunny time I had with each of you in FL. Thank you for being accepting of Henry & me, and being willing to let us jump in on all of the activities.  We learned so much from each of you.  What a journey we are all on! I was blessed by each of you. Amazed by grace – Jody


I had an amazing time and got to connect with some really giving and caring people. I had so much fear about coming to this class; now THAT fear has been released and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone for level 5 in June. – Connie McKim

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