CST BioMechanics 4: Clinical Applications, Certification and Therapist Rejuvenation


Through hands-on practical labs, Craniosacral Biomechanics 4 provides an opportunity for therapists to give and receive supervised craniosacral therapy from experienced CST practitioners. Along with foundational anatomy and physiology for the craniosacral system and connective tissue fascia, this advanced, experiential course offers an extensive review of craniosacral therapy techniques levels 1 through 3. Craniosacral BioMechanics 4 then provides an opportunity to take both written and practical exams for certification of competency in Craniosacral Therapy Biomechanics history, philosophy and techniques. Students testing for certification have completed a 250 hour curriculum including live classes, practical work, case histories and research projects. Through group mindful awareness exercises, this course deepens the therapist’s understanding of original embryological patterns that provide the template for growth, health, and balance. Working with hands-on lab partners, therapists will improve listening skills to achieve depth autonomic connection, discover palpable disturbances in core health patterns, identify restrictions that inhibit function and dissipate compensation patterns that cause pain and dysfunction. With attending therapists’ case histories and personal health considerations as a foundation, clinical applications for craniosacral techniques will be discussed and performed with the instructor in a multi-hand, multi-modality approach to healing. Through this practical integration, therapists will achieve a greater understanding of how craniosacral work can improve the health of both practitioner and client/patient.


1. Discover mindful awareness exercise to rebalance structure, fluids and fields

2. Practice therapeutic listening, observation and craniosacral evaluation protocol

3. Complete supervised craniosacral evaluation and treatment protocol

4. Review and practice craniosacral anatomy, physiology and levels 1-3 techniques

5. Complete BioMechanic Craniosacral therapy written examination

6. Review craniosacral therapy written exam Q&A

7. Develop mindful perception of the fluid body

8. Explore mindful attention exercise to restore midline balance

9. Complete Biomechanic Craniosacral Therapy practical examination

10. Discover and practice multi-hands whole body evaluation and treatment

11. Discover and practice clinical applications of craniosacral therapy

12. Understand BioMechanic vs. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy practice

13. Design craniosacral therapy treatment protocols for existing practice


Course manual is included with tuition. Please bring your massage table and wear comfortable clothing. 

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