A/O Nerves & Myodural Bridges

Release the relationship between the atlas and occiput with gentle, noninvasive techniques.

A/O Muscles & Fascia

Release the muscles and fascia related to the atlas and occiput.

Shoulder Girdle Muscles & Fascia

Release the muscles and fascia surrounding the shoulder girdle.

Fascia Thoracic Inlet

Releasing the thoracic inlet.

Imprinted Trauma Vectors

Joint articulation release technique; find imprinted trauma vectors.

Therapeutic Connection

Combining craniosacral, neuromuscular, and visceral manipulation to release trauma forces.

Clavicles, Scapulas & Related Muscles

Techniques to release the clavicles, scapulas, and related muscles.

Heart & C3

Techniques to release the heart and C3 fulcrum.

More videos located on the KJDTherapy YouTube Channel.