Integrated Techniques for the Cervical Spine


This eight hour course will explore and treat the anatomy and physiology of the cervical region, the foundation of the shoulders, and how the neck and shoulders support the cranium. Drawing on osteopathic principles, students will discover and practice hands-on craniosacral, neuromuscular, and fascial release techniques in combination with mindfulness and biodynamic principles to efficiently assess and treat the root causes of neck pain and dysfunction. The course begins with both animated and 3D anatomy and physiology leading to mindful perception exercises and embryological developmental principles that will deepen understanding of the vertical midline and the heart/cervical relationship. Exploration of and practical release techniques for the clavicle, scapula, thoracic inlet, atlas-occipital joint complex, superficial and deep cervical muscles, related fascia and the sphenobasilar joint will give therapists ten easily integrated techniques to add to current practice protocols to increase positive outcomes.


1. Explore cervical anatomy and physiology
2. Discover and practice mindful attention for cervical spine
3. Identify three cervical embryonic development patterns for health
4. Perform heart/C3 fulcrum release technique
5. Understand fascia anatomy and physiology
6. List two types of fascial restrictions
7. Perform thorax and four step atlas/occipital release
8. Understand anatomy and physiology of the sphenobasilar joint
9. Perform sphenobasilar decompression


Course manual is included with tuition. Companion DVD for this course can be purchased here. Please bring your massage table and wear comfortable clothing.

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