CST BioMechanics 3: Face, Mouth and Jaw


This in depth, sixteen hour, experiential course introduces Craniosacral Therapy through its history and philosophy with an emphasis on foundational anatomy and physiology for the cranial structures and craniosacral system. Demonstration and practical application of biomechanical techniques explore facial structures including bones, sutures, intracranial fascia, and fluids. Techniques will introduce and utilize basic osteopathic principles pioneered by Dr. William Sutherland and introduced to therapists by Dr. John Upledger. In addition, this course teaches exercises in mindful attention with the goal of understanding original embryological patterns that provide the template for growth, health, and balance. Discovering palpable disturbances in core health patterns enable the therapist to identify root causes of dysfunction. Gentle, corrective Craniosacral Therapy techniques for the face, mouth, and jaw are then introduced and practiced that dissipate trauma imprints, decrease pain, and increase function. Therapists will gain a foundational understanding of the history, philosophy, anatomy and physiology of the craniosacral system, utilizing this knowledge to practice a systematic experiential approach to evaluate the craniosacral rhythm, its overall health, restrictions, and effects from face, mouth, and jaw structures. Through lecture, demonstration, and practical labs, therapists will develop listening skills to achieve autonomic connection and correction while performing techniques to assess and treat the cranial diaphragm, frontal and temporal bone compression, seven lesions of the sphenobasilar synchondrosis, mandible, and nasal bones. Intraoral techniques for the zygomas, maxilla, palatines, vomer, ethmoid, and teeth will also be demonst rated and practiced. Integration of techniques into existing practice will be discussed throughout the class.



Course manual is included with tuition; however, manual can be purchased in advance along with the companion DVD here. Please bring your massage table and wear comfortable clothing.

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