How can craniosacral therapy (CST) help my patient or client?

A craniosacral therapy evaluation helps to determine the cause of dysfunction or imbalance anywhere in the body. Once discovered, the original trauma can be dissipated, supporting the ignition of a healing process.

Is CST hard to learn?

After twenty years of study, I have been able to simplify and clarify the learning process so that you can use CST techniques in your practice immediately and with efficacy. CST is fairly easy to learn and like anything else, mastery comes with practice.

What are classes like?

CST Levels 1-3 are 2 day classes normally held on weekends. They are all technique driven classes with the emphasis on hands on supervised practice.  Classes are small, generally no more than 14 students, so that all students will receive hands on supervision from the instructor. All students will receive many hours of CST work form their peers at class.  CST level 4 is a 4 day largely experiential class that moves away from techniques and focuses on CST biodynamics and the fluid body. CST Level 5 is the 4 day “certification class” which includes testing and a deeper exploration of biodynamics.

How do I get certified in CST?

 To become certified as competent in the work by Ken DiPersio, all five classes must be attended. Students must complete 100 CST treatment sessions minimum. Students must sit for a written test and practical exam at the CST Level 5 course. All students will be tested by Ken DiPersio to insure competency.

Can I learn from the companion DVDs and books?

 CST Level 1-3 can be learned from the books and DVD’s and put into practice, however to ensure competency and for certification, students must attend the classes as well. CST Levels 4 and 5 cannot be learned through the books and DVDs. I highly recommend the books and DVD’s to begin and then if you wish to master the work and be certified you will have a great foundation for further study.

How can I get supervised practical experience?

 All students are welcome to apply for preceptorship with Ken DIPersio at his practice in Sarasota, FL. You may come and work and also get CST treatment while there. As a preceptor you will gain valuable treatment experience.

What if I attend a class and just don't “get it”?

 All students are supported in their learning process however fast or slow that might be. Students can repeat classes as often as needed for half tuition. After mastering any level, students can repeat any class tuition free as a teaching assistant.


Can I receive CE hours from your classes?

All courses are approved by NCBTMB, meaning all licensed massage therapists can report these courses toward their continuing education requirements. For all other therapists, courses can be reported but may not count toward your requirements.