CST BioDynamics 1: Egg to Implantation


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 1: Week 1: Egg to Implantation is an in depth, thirty hour, experiential retreat style course that presents a departure from biomechanical techniques protocols while introducing a therapeutic, holistic approach that supports the body’s return to its’ original state of health. Through lecture, mindfulness preparation, demonstration, labs and bioaquatic practical application of biodynamic therapy this class will explore historical foundations and the scientific basis for first week, early embryo health patterns, with an emphasis on the creation story, developmental embryology, cell creation and morphology. BioDynamic Craniosacral Therapy 1 explores original embryological patterns that provide the foundations for development and all therapeutic processes. Therapists will develop in-depth listening skills, observing foundational creation patterns for health through biodynamic treatment windows. Discover and experience dynamic stillness, primary respiration, egg stage resting potential, active- passive polarity, surrender to the safe other, conception, compression, the fluid center and periphery, hatching, growth, morphological expansion, fluid imprinting, implantation, the horizontal and vertical midlines, heart ignition and the projection principle. These early templates for growth, health and balance are retained throughout adulthood and are the foundations for growth, maintenance and repair. Therapists will gain new understanding of the body through conscience experience of typically non-conscious phenomena. This fundamental knowledge will assist the therapist in providing depth therapy based on original health patterns, returning the body to its’ natural, resting, yet dynamic state. Whenever possible therapeutic labs will be done in a warm salt water environment.


1. Discover importance of mindfulness in treatment
2. Explore mindful attention through perceptual zones
3. Discover the creation story, the one in four million eggs
4. Identify and experience timeless core stillness, patience
5. Experience reverence, egg stage nesting and resting potential
6. Discover initial egg stage movement active inside, passive outside
7. Describe ovarian departure, surrender, dying to the self
8. Describe conception ignition, resurrection, the two become one, zygote stage
9. Discover chromosomal midline stillness, ancestral potentiality
10. Discover inside experiencing, cell division, compression, imprinting
11. Discover embryonic center and periphery, yolk sac
12. Experience zona pellucida hatching, expansion, growth and imprinting
13. Experience fluid body through mid and long tide fluctuations
14. Discover and practice full body evaluation using pieta position
15. Identify three basic fluid body rhythms
16. Describe morphological fields of compression and expansion
17. Develop therapeutic relationship, connection to safe other
18. Describe therapeutic relevance of the projection principle
19. Understand primitive streak, vertical midline fulcrum
20. Practice vertical midline restoration
21. Discover primitive node, vertical expression of the heart
22. Discover and practice foundational heart function


Course manual is included with tuition. Because this course is “retreat style,” students will be staying at the Inn on the Beach (see location tab) and are responsible for securing their own accommodations. Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day. Please bring sunscreen, water shoes, bathing suits and sunglasses. 


All biodynamic courses are located at Inn On the Beach

1401 Gulf Way, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida 33706



Day 1 6:30-8:30pm

Day 2-4 9:00am-5:00pm

Day 5 9:00am-3:00pm

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