Online Classes

Releasing the Fascial Diaphragms

This class will give you foundational information through written material and video presentations with the goal of having you perform techniques to normalize the structure and function in the fascial diaphragms. (4 CEU’s)

On completion of this course the following objectives will be met:

1.  Explain embryonic fascial development

2. Describe biodynamic vs. biomechanic technique

3. Describe anatomy and physiology of the body fascia

4. Identify the concept of “tensegrity”

5. Develop and practice skills to treat fascial diaphragms

Integrated Techniques for the Cervical Spine (Coming Soon)

This class integrates craniosacral, myofascial, and neuromuscular release techniques to effectively treat dysfunction originating in the cervical spine. (7 CEU’s)

On completion if this course, the following objectives will be met

  1. Review cervical anatomy and physiology, superficial to deep
  2.  Practice mindfulness exercise
  3. Identify 4 developmental health patterns
  4. Perform heart and c3 fulcrum technique
  5. List two types of fascial restrictions
  6. Perform upper thoracic release technique
  7. Perform biodynamic cervical muscle release
  8. Implement five step atlas/occiput release protocol
  9. List seven sphenobasilar lesions
  10. Decompress sphenobasilar joint

Craniosacral BioMechanics 1: Body Release Techniques (Coming Soon)

On completion if this course, the following objectives will be met

  1. Learn the history and treatment philosophy of craniosacral therapy
  2. Name anatomy and physiology of the craniosacral system
  3. Palpate the craniosacral rhythm (CSR) at seven different areas of the body
  4. Locate, evaluate and assess CSR restrictions that cause dysfunction
  5. Practice CSR documentation skills
  6. Develop mindful attention zones and midline postural analysis through awareness exercises
  7. Discover fascia anatomy and physiology embryonic origins to adult function
  8. Discover and perform fascial diaphragm release for pelvic, respiratory, thorax, hyoid and cranium
  9. Discover and perform clavicle and scapula release techniques
  10. Discover and perform embryonic heart/heart fulcrum reconnection
  11. Discover and perform five step atlas-occipital release
  12. Discover and perform three sacral release techniques
  13. Discover and perform three spinal meninges release techniques
  14. Discover and perform hips and shoulders trauma vector release
  15. Discover and perform CSF still point technique
  16. Discover and perform energy induction technique
  17. Integrate craniosacral therapy into existing practice

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